How KWSM’s CEO Learned to Lead

An effective leader’s impact continues to motivate and inspire those around them, even years into the future. Many companies today achieve greatness because of someone who influenced their leaders years before.   For the past 10 years, KWSM has been piloted by our fearless leader and President/CEO, Katie Wagner. While many of us on the […]

Atlanta Law Firms Use Webinars to Expand Their Reach as the Pandemic Continues

law firms use webinars

It has officially been more than 5 months since Atlanta businesses started closing their doors and shifted to working from home in the wake of COVID-19. Now, even as businesses reopen and employees begin to make their way back into the office, it’s clear that many things simply cannot go back to the way they […]

How To Host A Successful Webinar

host successful webinar

Webinars have been around for years now and have gone through a surge in popularity over the last couple months due to shelter-in-place. These virtual meetings and forums allow you to create an alternate experience with your team and potential clients that are accessible simply with an internet connection. Anyone can launch a webinar. But […]

Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency