The Times They Are A Changin’: How To Optimize Videos For Social

The Times They Are A Changin': How To Optimize Videos For Social

Gone are the days where people pull up to watch a movie at the only screen in town. There are screens almost everywhere we look now; they’re on the streets, at stores, and even in our hands. Now more than ever, your audience has unlimited opportunities to be engaged with your brand. And with videos […]

LinkedIn Cashes In On Video Creation Via Mobile App

Lights! Camera! Action! LinkedIn is taking its promise to improve user experience one step further with a new video creation tool within its mobile app. Meanwhile, Instagram has announced a major update to the way users leave comments, and Facebook is giving advertisers the power to promote their content via a new in-stream option in […]

Get Creative With Facebook Canvas Ads

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is grabbing – and holding – audience attention. But what if you could grab complete attention of your audience, with no distraction or newsfeed noise…thanks to Facebook’s newest advertising option, you can. Designed exclusively for mobile viewing, Facebook Canvas is a new and fully immersive advertising experience. When clicked, […]

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