Using Facebook Events to Promote Your Business

Diversifying the content you post to your company’s business page will draw more attention and help you stand out amongst the crowd. Facebook business pages provide a multitude of options for content. If you have an upcoming occasion you’d like to promote for your business, Facebook’s “Create an event” option allows you to create a […]

Integration: Social Media Joins Forces with Email

Last week we discussed the differences between social media and email and threw them in the ring for an epic duel. Turns out, they are both beneficial to marketers who are maintaining and growing an audience. Now that we can appreciate the value of each platform let’s look into combining their strengths to create a […]

Does Your Site Use a Contact Form? It's Time for an Update

At the beginning of April, Yahoo pushed through a new policy in their effort to stop fraudulent emails.  Two weeks later, AOL announced the same changes, with more email service providers expected to eventually follow. What does this mean for your business?  If your email campaigns attempt to send any emails from or domains […]

Two Social Media Tips for a Newborn and Everybody Else

Secure that email address ASAP

A newborn baby is a magical thing, someone whose identity has just been named.  Anybody involved in social media is a special person, with a high probability of having multiple personalities and pages to suit them all.  Here are two tips that can help each one of these people.

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