5 Elements to Elevate your Web Design

5 Elements to Elevate your Web Design

Good web design doesn’t just look good; it also directs your customers’ attention and helps them make the decisions you want them to make about your business. Just as important as determining whether you need a web design update is determining what to do about it. When considering refreshing your site, keep these key design […]

Instagram’s Newest Feature Has Launched – Here’s what You Need to Know

Two screenshots of Instagram Reels on phones are featured. From left to right: three men appear dancing in a Reels on the top of the Discover page, a woman's posted Reels is a close up of her applying eyeliner.

When it comes to social media marketing, your brand is likely not a stranger to the big players – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Utilizing any combination of these platforms can elevate your brand and truly connect with your customer base.   Instagram differentiated itself years ago as the best place to post imagery […]

3 Reasons Why People Leave Your Landing Page Without Converting

A landing page is an integral part of driving conversions for your business online. Whether the goal is collecting emails, joining a newsletter, or making a purchase, you want to be sure your page is working properly. Understand that your landing pages may be the first impression that your audience has about your business. If […]

How To Craft A Landing Page That Converts

landing pages that convert

This year, KWSM launched its very own internal mentorship program where team members have the opportunity to mentor or be a mentee for a particular area of digital marketing. For this inaugural go round, I chose to be a student of web development, with a focus on creating a high-converting landing page. I have a […]

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