6 Ways San Diego Bars, Breweries, and Distilleries Can Survive the COVID-19 Shut Down

As San Diego restaurants, hotels, nail salons, and similar establishments brace for further COVID-19 restrictions, business owners are searching for creative ways to survive another round of stringent stay-at-home orders in Southern California.  For bars, breweries, and distilleries, these challenging times have brought particular hardship. While the restaurant industry has moderately competitive revenue-generating potential with […]

Why San Diego Businesses Should Highlight Philanthropy in Holiday Content Marketing

It’s the season of giving and the charitable spirit of philanthropy, corporate volunteering, and organized giving should shine in your business and its content marketing initiatives. Business owners often mistakenly view corporate philanthropy as a soft option or an extra, but these initiatives should be central to your mission to connect with customers on a […]

Concocting a Fruitful Holiday Social Media Strategy for Your San Diego Business

Many San Diego businesses already have some kind of social media strategy in place, but the holidays are a special time and often require a different approach to really get your community buzzing!  No matter your industry, product, or service, festive new campaigns and promotions may require you to reevaluate, refresh, or spice up your […]

4 Strategies For Marketing Your San Diego Restaurant Amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the restaurant and hospitality landscape, and those restaurants that have been unable to adapt to new approaches of promoting and marketing their business are struggling. As San Diego has entered the purple tier, which imposes the most stringent restrictions on dining establishments, it’s imperative that restaurant owners innovate new revenue […]

Digital Marketing Tips for San Diego Parks and Outdoor Recreation Venues

Most industries have taken a massive hit during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, but one that may surprise you is parks and outdoor recreation. While we have all seen plenty of envy-inspiring pictures on Instagram of friends and family enjoying empty National Parks or engaging in other socially-distant outdoor activities, that doesn’t mean businesses, agencies […]

5 LinkedIn Ads Audience Targeting Tips for San Diego Businesses

Placing carefully curated advertisements in front of a qualified audience is one of the best ways for San Diego businesses to drive conversions. With digital advertising, businesses have the opportunity to do this online, spending marketing dollars to show their messaging only to an audience they have prequalified by applying various targeting parameters and filters. […]

Bone Up on Blogging Basics for Your San Diego Business This Halloween

Halloween will look a little different in California this year, with the local government in San Diego County recommending one-way trick or treating as an alternative to traditional Halloween activities amid the coronavirus pandemic. But never fear- your business can still bring the spooky spirit to your audience by producing scary good content. If you […]

4 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Your San Diego Business Is Making

If it seems like digital marketing technology and its usage are continually growing and diversifying, that’s because they are! Digital marketing spend will reach $146 billion by 2023, increasing at a 9% compound annual growth rate. And it’s no wonder why: the ability to use the right tools to carefully target your ideal audience with […]

How To Choose the Best Social Media Channels to Market Your San Diego Business

San Diego Social Media

San Diego has a growing population of nearly 1.5 million residents, the majority of whom are under the age of 60. What does this mean for San Diego business owners? Not only do you have a growing number of potential customers in Gen X, Z, and Millennials, but the tools and opportunities available to you […]

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