Listening Online is Essential for Customer Service

By now, it is common sense that any company that wants to make the most of its social media presence must reply to everyone who addresses it directly on Twitter. Although there might still be some debate about what the appropriate timeframe for that reply is, the necessity for a reply is unquestionable. But what about the Tweets where a company’s name is not @mentioned or #hashtagged: should a company reply to random Tweets where their name is simply brought up?

Work ON Your Social Media, Not In It

I had the opportunity to see Michael E. Gerber, the author of the E-Myth, speak the other day. I have read his book, but hearing him speak was a entirely different experience. Inspiring, thought provoking, and motivating don’t even begin to describe it. His message was so much bigger than just how to make money […]

Why is Social Media Important to Customer Service?

The other day I was playing in Facebook, looking around at some pages and found a great example of why you need to be in social media.  Somebody who couldn’t be helped by this company has posted a borderline rude, definitely curt comment on their wall.  Within an hour a representative had responded to their […]

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