How to Create the Best Social Media Content: Say Less

Stick to one thought per post. Write less, not more. Put the important stuff first. When writing content for social media, how you say it is just as important as what you say. Much of your audience probably has full time jobs that do not involve being on Facebook all day, so don’t give them long, confusing posts that require lots of time and concentration. Give them scan-able posts that they can learn something from, and get back to work!

What You Need to Know About E-Newsletter Marketing

It was a long time coming, but Katie Wagner Social Media finally launched our e-newsletter last month! (Shameless plug: subscribe here for a monthly digest of social media tips to help you and your business!) To be frank, before starting our own mailing list, I felt a slight apprehension about e-newsletters. Why? My own personal […]

Beware the Social Media Political Trolls This Year

2012 is an election year.  Radio, television and print are all very thankful because candidates big and small will all purchase advertising time.  Social media was around in 2008, the last presidential election, but it wasn’t as popular or far reaching as it is now. We all have friends that post political content.   They’ll post […]

She's Baaack! What I Learned From Stepping Away From My Company

If, as business owners, we don’t hold a vision for our companies, no one else is going to do it either. Who cares more about KWSM’s success than I do? And more importantly, if I stop caring (or just give it up for lack of time), who will pay the price? Not just me, but every member of our team. I have a responsibility to take time to focus on the business. I need to be calm and clear-headed enough to make smart decisions. And yes, sometimes that means stepping away from the laptop. I’ve realized that having a balance between doing the work and thinking about how we do the work is essential for success – and ensuring success is my primary responsibility.

Anti-Social: Why I'm Not Returning Your Phone Calls

As business owners, we all play so many roles in our companies. Answer the phone, meet with perspective clients, send proposals, follow up on proposals, check in with existing clients, send invoices, track down invoices, answer emails, return phone calls, do some marketing, keep the books, make appointments…. oh yeah, and somewhere in there, DO the work! And now, because we are all using social media so dutifully to grow our businesses, add to that: update Facebook, update Twitter, connect on Linked In, write the blog, check in on FourSquare, solicit reviews on Yelp, upload videos on YouTube, participate in Linked In Groups, respond to Facebook comments, retweet someone on Twitter, shoot new videos on YouTube… the list is never-ending. Sometimes I dream in a Facebook newsfeed. I swear I do.

The [Atlanta] Home Office

Working at my parents dining room table… 4 nieces (under the age of 5), 2 siblings, 2 parents and one dog underfoot… and still in PJs while we wait on our turn to shower… but just look at that concentration!

Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency