Case Study: How a Website Redesign Launched a New Brand

A case study where two sister companies used a website redesign to launch a new brand.

In the face of adversity, many businesses not only survived but thrived through the pandemic. Among these success stories were San Diego Family Mediation and Orange County Family Mediation, sister companies that saw an opportunity for growth. They aimed to extend their reach throughout all of Southern California, and to do so, they united under […]

Advice for New CEOs and Founders, from KWSM’s CEO

Updated August 8, 2023 While the journey to leading a company looks different for everyone, each CEO experiences their own successes, challenges, and failures that teach them valuable lessons along the way. These moments help mold them into better leaders, improving their own work and their ability to lead their teams. KWSM President and CEO, […]

Top Email Marketing Tools for 2022

Top Email Marketing Tools for 2022

Emails are an effective way to nurture your audience and increase your leads. With so many email marketing strategy possibilities, it’s important that you have the right tools to help you maximize your time. If you’re ready to dive into emails in 2022, here are some top email marketing tools many businesses rely on. MailChimp […]

KWSM Turns 11!


December marks an exciting milestone for KWSM – the agency’s 11th birthday!    To celebrate, I asked some of the agency’s leaders a few questions about their experiences at KWSM, and our goals for the years to come.   First, KWSM President & CEO Katie Wagner shares her thoughts about this anniversary and the road […]

How to Create a Custom Location for Your Business on Instagram

Instagram users often find local companies in their area through Instagram location tags. Users can tag a location in their story or post on Instagram to let their followers know where they were in the post. Tagging custom locations on Instagram is fun for the user and it has many benefits for the business. Below […]

How to Build Brand Awareness With Social Media Channels

It’s time to harness the power of social media channels for your business and connect with new customers.  Social media can really help you build consistency when it comes to your brand. This ultimately can help you inspire trust and loyalty in your customers, distinguish yourself from your competitors, and even boost your visibility within […]

KWSM Atlanta Junior Web Designer Madeleine Gets Promoted to Web Designer!

We are excited to announce that KWSM Atlanta’s Madeleine Wood has been promoted from Junior Web Designer to Web Designer!   Here at KWSM, opportunities for growth exist for any team member who is eager and determined to pursue them. We saw this tenacity in Madeleine from her very first day as a KWSM Junior […]

3 Components of a Strong Yelp Profile

Here at KWSM, we’re big fans of Yelp. When it comes to online reviews, Yelp is one of the best websites for consumers. Users can contribute their opinions of businesses they’ve visited, and potential customers can read those reviews to help inform their decisions. Besides reviews, Yelp offers a variety of tools to business owners […]

Social Media Growth Hacking for Beginners

Growing a social media page can be very time-consuming, so spend your efforts where it matters most. Learn social media growth hacking for beginners.

Growing a social media page organically can be very time-consuming, which makes it so important to spend your efforts where it will make the most impact. If you’re inexperienced and not sure where to start, keep reading to learn social media growth hacking for beginners.   Post Shareable Content Posting content that people want to […]

How To Run An Instagram Contest

How To Run An Instagram Contest

Running an Instagram contest can be an exciting and rewarding way to grow your online presence and give back to your followers. You may have participated in a few social media contests before and know the excitement fans feel from being involved with companies and their communities. It’s enticing to want to share how much […]

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