Google Streamlines Profiles, Adds New About Me Page

Google recently launched a new page called About Me, which gives users the ability to control personal information and manage various Google profiles from one place. It’s the perfect tool for people managing multiple profiles under the search engine giant. Whether or not you’re responsible for a number of profiles, read on to learn what […]

Two Social Media Tips for a Newborn and Everybody Else

Secure that email address ASAP

A newborn baby is a magical thing, someone whose identity has just been named.  Anybody involved in social media is a special person, with a high probability of having multiple personalities and pages to suit them all.  Here are two tips that can help each one of these people. is About You

Have you heard Not me. is a personal linking site that showcases your major social sharing sites/profiles and a short bio all on a creative background. Consider it a landing page that’s all about YOU or a business card webpage. was launched a few months ago and has recently gained some popularity. […]

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