Summer 2021 Google Algorithm Update – What We Know So Far

In early June, Google began rolling out what they call their “Summer Core Update.” This newest Google algorithm update is a two-part update, with the second part rolling out this month (July 2021). 


So, what are the key changes in this Google algorithm update, and what can your business do if you’ve seen negative web traffic coming from search engines as a result of this update? Continue reading to find out. 

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The newest Google algorithm update includes changes that apply broadly to all websites including where they rank in search results, and the web traffic volume that that will be directed there.

The Summer Core Google Algorithm Update 

This Google update is large—so large that the Google developers needed to roll it out in two parts. These Google algorithm updates aren’t anything out of the ordinary, and typically happen a few times a year. As is the case with all of Google’s algorithm changes, it applies broadly to all websites, not just a certain type of website (i.e. e-commerce). Also, like all Google algorithm updates, it aims to help Google rank websites more accurately for searchers in search results. 


How the Google Algorithm Update Affected Websites

For some websites, this update has helped improve their visibility in search results. Generally speaking, websites that have seen an initial positive outcome from this update are websites that include lots of pages, backlinks, strong SEO, and a domain that has been established for years. 


Websites that have been negatively affected by this update are what Google refers to as “Your Money or Your Life” websites. These are websites that provide information on sensitive topics related to finance, law, purchasing recommendations/reviews, education, and health.


What To Do if Your Website has Been Negatively Affected by the Google Algorithm Update 

First and foremost, before you take any drastic action or invest hours in upping your SEO efforts, Google recommends that you wait until the second part of the Summer Core Google algorithm update rolls out in July and monitor the results on Google Analytics from that. As with any update, if too many websites see an astronomical increase or a huge decrease in traffic, Google may decide to tweak or reverse the update. 


If you continue to see your traffic coming from organic search to drop off in the coming months, start by implementing proven SEO tactics to help improve your website’s ranking. This might include adding new posts and pages on a regular basis and including external links to credible websites. 


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