Social Media Tips for Fashion Retailers

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Social media has become a highly effective way to connect your brand with customers. If you are in the fashion industry and selling your products online, learning how to present your products in the best light possible will help you grow your business. Here are some tips on some best social media practices if you are a fashion retailer:

Style your items together to create complete looks

 Show your customers how your items can be worn together by creating complete outfits, and provide information on how to buy each specific item when you post on social media. This is called product “bundling”; research shows that as long as your products are relevant to one another and it is clear that items can be purchased individually, bundling can be a great way to increase your average units per sale. Bundling is especially effective when a discount is offered for purchasing items together. You can also make suggestions about how to wear your item and incorporate it into a customer’s existing wardrobe; customers often want to try a product outside their comfort zone, but need guidance on how to wear it. Showing customers how your items work together and how they blend with what they already have will ultimately build brand loyalty.

 Use live models wherever possible

Though flat lay photography has become trendy and mannequins can create a streamlined look on your website, real people add a relatable element to your photos that props cannot provide. It can be hard for customers to grasp scale and fit when they don’t have a human reference point; using live people helps your customers understand the product they are interested in buying. As a rule, people react the strongest and are more likely to engage with a post if they see a friendly, visually pleasing face. Even if all of your product photos are shot on a mannequin or against a plain background, you can still showcase your items on live people on your blog or in social media posts.

Encourage customers to show themselves in your product

Don’t be afraid to engage your customers by encouraging them to be ambassadors for your brand. Create calls to action by asking customers to submit photos of themselves wearing your products. Choose their best submissions and feature them on your social media; buyers will find your brand approachable and relatable. If “approachable” isn’t exactly your message, targeting specific bloggers and celebrities to endorse your brand is another good strategy. You’ll find that most customers enjoy and appreciate when their photo is shared on your social media; just make sure you always ask their permission first!

 Present your brand as a lifestyle

The best social media accounts don’t just show products; they show your customers how they fit into a lifestyle. Think about who is wearing your items, the environment that they will be worn in, the style your brand embodies, and what your values are as a company. Create a world that your products look like they were born to live in. Look for quality content that doesn’t directly feature your products, but matches your aesthetic. Fashion photography provides you with endless opportunities to be creative, and show your product in a variety of different settings. Take advantage of your unique position as a retailer and show the world how your items will add value to their wardrobe and their lives.giana






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