Social Media Automation: Best Practices

Every business owner with a social media presence knows that it takes a lot of work to build an online brand. From creating the digital strategy, to Marketing Automationactually building your posts and engaging followers in conversation, the responsibilities can quickly become too much to handle for even the most strident of multitaskers. We don’t believe in automating your social media. But we understand that many companies that lack the bandwidth to do social media rely on these platforms. If you are unable to post in real-time, here are two best practices for success:


Keep In Line With Current Events

With automation platforms, you are one news story away from having a public relations crisis on your hands. Think twice before you schedule that tweet for two weeks from now. Things aren’t “set it and forget it” anymore, and it seems every day we hear about a poorly timed company social media post drawing unwanted attention to an organization. While it may take more time, keeping a posting calendar at the ready will really help save you from a headache. If you see notice a breaking news story affecting your target audience, make sure to reference your calendar and shut off any posts which may seem innappropriate given the situation.

Understand The Algorithm

Can automation platforms streamline your posting? Yes, sort of. We can all agree on the convenience of having a week’s worth of tweets preloaded into your account. However, when you start getting into channels like Facebook, it’s important to understand how these social networks well… work. Priority is placed on posts that are done natively, and in real time. Scheduling all of your content ahead of time may hurt you’re your overall impression volume and reach. That’s why marketers should post live as much as possible. Using an automation platform should never be “plan A.”


These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Social media strategy covers a multitude of responsibilities, and marketing automation is just one component of the bigger picture. The next time you’re thinking of using it in your campaign, we’re confident that our best practices will help you get a little closer to hitting those social media goals.


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