Snapchats to Live Forever With New Update “Memories”


Snapchat’s claim to fame is the minimal lifespan of it’s content. It demands your attention because with Snapchat; you snooze you lose. After 24 hours the exclusive content is gone, and you had to be monitoring your followers’ stories to experience it. Snapchat’s newest update changes the game and expands the limitations it previously lived by with the new update Snapchat “Memories”.

Memories is a new way to save your photos and video within the application. This new feature is shareable and public. Previously, Snapchat only allowed you to save your stories to your own personal iPhone camera roll. Not anymore. This new feature allows you to manually save each story, or individual snap, and store it on the Snapchat server for all of your friends to forever see. You can access your saved snaps by swiping up from the camera feature in the app. Any snaps or stories you saved will live here in reverse chronological order. In Memories you can edit the photos and even repost them to your story months later.

Have some snaps you want to save for yourself but not your friends? Make them private by adjusting the setting to “My Eyes Only” which will require a personal PIN code to access. You can even combine separate Snapchat stories into one feed so you can look back on certain memories and share them with your friends.

As social media channels expand, companies look for the best ways to utilize the different networks to further their business. The limited time span of Snaps has always made the channel difficult for businesses and companies to share content. This recent update makes things a little easier for companies looking to keep their content out there longer for more people to see. Because of the big changes with this update, Snapchat has decided to take it slow with the rollout. You might not be seeing the updates for a few months; Snapchat says it will message users when the update is live for them! Looking for other ways to share your company’s information on social media? Learn how to sell your company’s products on Instagram.


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