Snapchat Secrets You Never Knew Existed

Snapchat, Snapchat SecretsMastering the Snapchat landscape is no easy task. Between the filters, face swaps, and the ever so popular dog-ears, it can be overwhelming to navigate the territory. While it might be one of the most popular social media platforms to date, it may not be the most user-friendly. Regardless of your Snapchat experience, the chances are that pesky little ghost has left you bewildered a time or two. And for good reason! Many of Snapchat’s features are hidden, and if you want to get the most out of the app, you’ve got to learn the tricks of the trade. With a little help from us, you can up your Snapchat game; even your friends will think you’re something of a Snapchat aficionado!

Use More Than One Filter At A Time

Can’t decide between the black and white filter and the time stamp? You don’t have to! After you’ve taken your snap, swipe the screen to the side and choose your first filter. Then, hold the screen with one finger and swipe left or right with another finger – it’s like magic! You can add up to three filters on photos and five on videos.

Uncover More Drawing Colors

When it comes to bright colors, Snapchat’s drawing gradient has it all. But when it comes to neutrals, black and white are nowhere to be found…or so you thought. To access these colors, tap and hold the rainbow slider, then drag your finger to the upper left corner of your screen for white or the bottom right corner for black.

Edit Your Friends’ Snapchat Names

When you add a user to Snapchat that is not included in your phone’s contact list, their username will be displayed in the app instead of their real name.

This can get confusing when your friends choose random or obscure usernames that make it difficult to distinguish who’s who. To avoid the embarrassment of sending your snap to the wrong person, navigate to your Chats and hold your finger down on the username, click the Settings button, and click “Edit Name.”

Make Your Emojis Move In Videos

By now you probably know how to use emojis in your snaps. But did you know you can make them move? After taking your video, click the emoji of your choice. Next, hold down on the emoji – when the video pauses, drag the emoji to the desired object, let go, and watch your smiley face dance! The emoji will automatically move with the object that you pinned it.

Now that you know the secrets, it’s time to get snapping! For more social media tips and tricks follow us on Facebook or add us on Snapchat and show us your skills!









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