Snapchat Introduces New Custom Sticker Pack For Influencers

Social media is constantly changing with new trends and updates that keep users on their toes waiting for more. With so many popular platforms out there, it can be a difficult task for apps to keep growing their user base.


In order to reduce the number of users moving to other social media apps, Snapchat is always innovating.


Snapchat’s efforts to stay current hinge on strengthening their relationships with influencers. Certain creators are being given the chance to develop their own personal sticker pack for everyone on the app to use. Snapchat’s “stickers” are small graphics you can add to photos and videos.


What this means for Snapchat

After many years of keeping the playing field equal for all users, Snapchat is looking to allow influencers to up their game, and therefore earn their loyalty. (And the loyalty of those influencers’ fanbase!)


Having more influencers using Snapchat encourages users to keep the app in order to stay current with their favorite stars.


What this means for Creators

Snapchat is giving influencers the opportunity to showcase their brand in a new way with these sticker packs. They are now able to market themselves in a unique way on a platform that is used daily by millions of users.


So far, the sticker packs have been positively received by creators, who are actively playing with the new tools.


Recent reports have shown a decline in active users on Snapchat, so it is no surprise that they are looking for new ways to engage users. It’s too early to tell whether custom stickers will be a success, but Snapchat is hopeful the update with benefit both influencers and the app itself.


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