Snapchat Helps Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shoppers, YouTube Steps Up VR Efforts, and Pinterest Updates Its Feed

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A lot has happened across some of the biggest social media platforms. Snapchat has a new shopping channel that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers will love. YouTube expands into VR even more. Pinterest lets users view pins in chronological order and visit Pinners’ websites with one tap. Here are the latest social media news stories for this week.

Snap & Shop This Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Get ready to start shopping on Snapchat this Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Snapchat is launching a new channel called “Shop & Cop” which features app-exclusive e-commerce temporary deals and lets users buy products through the app. This will let users buy products while remaining within the app. Shopify will be handling the backend while Snapchat will be deciding which brands are presented on the channel.

Snapchat is also rolling out Bitmoji Stories, which lets you and your friends create animated comics featuring your Bitmoji avatars. The popular social media app will also be letting users create “Friendship Profiles” that help users to find all of the chats, images, and videos that you and your friends have shared.

YouTube Expands into VR

YouTube has announced that it will be available on the Oculus Go VR headset. The massive video website has also launched the VR180 Creator Tool to help content creators make VR videos faster and more efficiently. YouTube hopes that as VR continues to get more popular, the video website will remain widely used just as it is for 2-dimensional videos.

Pinterest Lets You Scroll Away

Pinterest has launched a new immersive single Pin format that lets users scan from idea to idea. With this new change, Pinners will be able to view pins in the order in which they were saved, which is similar to how Instagram chronologically orders posts. This means that Pinners will be able to view the freshest content first and scroll onward if they want to see pins from earlier. The popular image app will also be letting users directly visit websites for creators, influencers, publishers, and brands with just a single tap on a pin.


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