Siri vs Dragon vs Vlingo

Let’s face it: the main reason why consumers are flocking for the iPhone 4S is Siri and the improved camera. Or you’re a huge Apple fan and you simply must have every new phone Apple makes but if you’re like me, you know the iPhone 4 will hold you over until the 5 comes out.

Siri is a built in iPhone assistant. If you talk to Siri, she can solve most of your problems. She can change an appointment in your calendar, make reservations, look up stuff on the Internet, and now she can even tweet and post Facebook status updates. However, so can Dragon and Vlingo and they’re free so what’s so cool about Siri? Maybe it’s the fact that you can change what language Siri speaks in and access her from the home button but that’s about it.

The tech savvy consumers of the iPhone 4 have also discovered that if you simply jail break your phone you can get Siri on your iPhone 4. Uh oh, I guess Apple didn’t think about that one.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks and don’t want to jail break your phone, consider Dragon or Vlingo. Let’s break down each one:

Dragon: Dragon is user friendly, sleek, and accurate unlike Siri which you have to repeat commands to several times. However it can be slow to pull up results sometimes so if you’re in hurry, it’s probably better to do a manual search.

Vlingo: Vlingo is also easy to use however you have to be specific like Siri with your commands. To tweet, you must say “tweet: I’m having a great day” or text Katie: “I’m on my way.” I love how specific and accurate it is at pulling up certain commands and browsing your contacts. It does require some manual work so it’s not completely hands free but it’ll get you there.

Do you use any voice assistant apps on your phone or have you gotten the iPhone 4S? Let us know what you like best and what you think.

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