Rock On: Companies Sending Out Coachella Vibes on Social Media


Beyonce and Lady Gaga aren’t the only ones making headlines this festival season. The biggest music festival of the year is here; companies are using the trendy event to bring in new, engaged audiences and creating content that sparks the interest of festival-goers. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is about more than just the music, it’s about the experience, and these companies are using festival culture as a marketing tool to hook social media users in and give a boost to their presence online.

H&M Steals the Show

H&M, a Swedish retail company, has dominated the Coachella game, partnering with the festival itself. H&M launched their campaign, HM Loves Coachella, focusing on music festival centric clothes for the true festival junkie. The campaign focuses on reaching a wide audience of fans; those attending the festival looking for affordable styles to show off at the event, and those who aren’t able to make it out to the desert but still want to rock the effortless, bohemian looks. H&M uses their social media platforms to really promote their partnership, boasting the hashtag #HMLovesCoachella across all of their channels. And it’s working! Fans are using the hashtag to have conversations with the company, show off their looks, and even connect with some of the bands performing this year. Accompanying the hashtag are a variety of promotional graphics, photos, and videos that have fans racing to the store to pick up the limited-time items.

Paparazzi People

For celebrities, you can’t hide from the tabloids, especially during the most anticipated musical event of the year. People Magazine tells the stories of the rich and famous, and their audience is itching to know the details. People Magazine leverage’s their insider knowledge to give an added boost to their social presence during Coachella season. Every celebrity sighting is documented through their channels so after it’s all over you’ll feel like you were there. Cause hey, “Stars, they’re just like us,” right?

Never Out of Style

For those lucky enough to be in attendance Coachella weekend, you’re sure to have planned out your looks weeks in advance. Instyle knows, sometimes, we all need a little inspiration. During the weeks leading up to Coachella, Instyle’s social media accounts focus on one major thing, what to wear. Whether it’s hair accessories to complete any outfit, or how to dress like one of Taylor Swift’s “squad” members, Instyle’s social channels keep their audience interested and checking back for more as the days count down to the big event.

Coachella’s importance is growing to a specific, niche audience, but may not spark the interest of your target audience, and that’s okay! If you can find an event or trending topic that fits within your businesses demographic, run with it. These topics make for engaging content and can help you connect with your audience on a more personal level, creating relationships with potential prospects and clients. On social media, authenticity matters. Stay true to your company and your audience’s interests and you can build a community online. Read more about finding your brand voice here.

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