Rethinking The Mix: Agile Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest trends in order to better provide value for our clients. In a space like ours, Agile Marketingchange is happening every day. We recall the days where a tweak in the algorithm can crush online sales goals. To avoid the pain of that scenario, we must pivot to keep up with the times. The future is agile.


Here’s our take on rethinking your marketing mix:

Build A Funnel

The times where marketing efforts rely on a single ad are for the most part, over. With all of the competition over winning the attention of potential customers, we’ve found that there has been a decline in the effectiveness of one-off ads without first finding ways to further qualify members of the target audience. The answer: Set up a funnel. Creating strategies where you are continuously defining your customers and finding opportunities to capitalize on their actions will not only improve your ROI, it’ll also increase awareness and brand lift.

Focus On The Journey

Taking the need to expand efforts one step further, is the idea of a multi-channel approach. Users are no longer spending their social media time exclusively on Facebook. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 42% of Americans surveyed have admitted to taking breaks of a week or more from actively checking the Facebook app. Marketers must now think about where their customers are going, and create campaigns which are present in each of those locations, making cross-channel solutions a priority.


The devil really is in the details. Now that we’ve reiterated the need for multiple touch points across multiple channels in order to fully optimize the results of your next big marketing push, it’s time zoom in a little bit. Before you hit “start,” consider the people you are marketing to. Find unique ways to identify them once they transition into site traffic by creating custom UTMs. Once the data begins to flow in, you’ll be able to understand which audiences and channels are responding the best to your advertising. Having this information is critical, because it will help fuel your future decisions, and give you a reliable benchmark from which to move forward.


We wish you the best of luck setting up your future campaigns, and hope that this information has managed to bring you just a little bit closer to reaching your goals. Certainly, now is the time to expand our strategies and think big picture. Agile marketing is all about focusing on daily improvement; recognizing changes in the market, and testing new ways to capitalize on data. As users continue to become more connected, so must the marketers in the background.



89% of chief marketers said their companies embrace some form of agile

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