Q&A: Katie Wagner On Social Media Day

Photo credit: @m stehouwer
Photo credit: @m stehouwer

As a social media agency, we get to see the powerful role social media plays in both our personal and professional lives every day. We love that businesses can show off their best products, services and people and create a community around their company. We love that, as consumers, we can follow our favorite brands, people and causes and stay connected and informed. We love that social media happens in real time and has shaped the way our society digests and shares news – giving us both access and immediacy that we never had before. But most of all, we love that social media gives businesses the chance to speak to, listen to, and engage with their customers in a way that they have never been able to before.

Monday, June 30th is the 5th annual celebration of  ‘Social Media Day.’ The popular digital news website, Mashable launched the event in 2010 as a way to celebrate the digital revolution happening right before our eyes.

And we are grateful to have an official day on which to shout our love of social media from the rooftops – or at least from our conference room!

At Katie Wagner Social Media, we are celebrating Social Media Day by opening up our ‘Social Media Help Desk’ for FREE from 9am to 3pm. This means that any business owner who stops by can get free social media advice from a member of our team.

I sat down with our Founder, Katie Wagner, to talk about what this celebration means to us.


Why are we celebrating this year?

We’ve been in business for four years, and during that time we’ve helped more 350 businesses learn about using social media to communicate with their customers and grow their bottom line.

Because we are journalists, we love telling stories, and social media tools make it faster and easier than ever before to reach right audience. But what we love most of all is being able to help business owners make a difference in their companies. Social media can help them create a community around their area of expertise, boost their credibility, and make an emotional connection with their audience. This is an extremely powerful medium.

For us, Social Media Day is not only a tribute to the access and immediacy social media brings us as communicators, but really a celebration of all the businesses we have been able to impact, and the community we have built around our own business.


What is Social Media Help Desk?

Social Media Help Desk is our way of being available to our community, to answer questions, brainstorm ideas and get businesses heading in the right direction online. Sometimes, companies don’t need full social media management, but they do need a knowledgeable resource to help them understand what is possible with digital marketing.

Social Media Help Desk allows us to offer our expertise in small, manageable chunks that can make a big difference for a business owner struggling to know where to begin their social media strategy.

For our team, it’s a way to give back, and also an opportunity to exercise our creativity, our problem solving skills, and help de-mystify the digital tools that businesses have available to them.


Why should business owners stop by?

Social Media day is your chance to meet the KWSM team, and take advantage of our expertise in a relaxed and friendly environment. We’re opening up our doors in order to help as many business owners as possible in a single day – it’s a celebration of what social media can do for a business.

We hope you are excited about Social Media Day and we hope to see you at our offices on June 30th. For more information on our celebration, check out this video:


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