Proofread Your Content!

Earlier this week we talked about the importance of blogging for your company and its distinct role in social media. If done consistently and properly, blogging is a great tool for garnering visibility for your brand or website.  Blogs allow you, the company, to create and publish your own search-friendly content on the Internet, establish credibility in your field and become a thought-leader in your industry.

Yes—you can literally build a follower base and even a community around your blog! But what blog veterans and experts don’t tell you is that it’s not just about writing an entry and posting it on WordPress—blogs take time and care. Think about it—would you submit a first rough draft of your essay to your English professor and expect it to reap an A+?

Sure, you can build credibility with a blog, you can also destroy it pretty quickly if you don’t proofread your material. What are your spelling and grammatical mistakes saying about you, or even your company?  I don’t know about you, but when I see someone who can’t differentiate their “there, they’re and theirs”, I start to secretly judge them.  And then I begin to slowly pull away from whatever I was reading, because really, if the author doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re, what else does he not know?

Okay, so that might be a little extreme, and admittedly I am a bit more scrutinizing when it comes to grammar. But the point is that you should always proofread your blogs and social media content; If you have invested all that time and work already, don’t let one spelling error ruin it for you.

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