Promote Content on Pinterest in 10 Easy Steps

Photo credit: @marniethedog
Photo credit: @marniethedog

Have you tried promoting your content on Pinterest? The social networking site also serves as a visual search engine for some users and a bookmarking tool for others. This makes it an ideal place to experiment with advertising.

If you’re new to promoting pins, you may be pleasantly surprised by how easy and affordable it can be. Here are the steps you need to follow to boost web traffic via Pinterest:

  • Go to and click Promote. (If you’ve never done it before, click Get Started.)
  • Hover over the Pin you want to promote and click Promote
    (A note for choosing what to promote: GIFs, videos, Pins on secret boards or uploaded Pins that don’t have a source URL will not be displayed since they’re not supported. The content you promote doesn’t have to be something directly from your website, but its typically a good idea to drive traffic to a blog post or purchase page.)
  • Add terms (IE: the interests of your target audience) to help people find your Pin.
  • Pick who you want to see your Pin based on location, language, device and gender.
  • Set up a cost-per-click (CPC) bid that’s at least 5 cents.
  • Double-check the destination URL.
  • Choose a campaign name, budget and date range.
  • Click Set Up Billing to enter your credit card information.
  • Click Promote this Pin and hang tight while Pinterest reviews your content. (The process can take up to a week—plan accordingly!)
  • Watch your traffic flow!

When promoting any type of content on social media, make sure its quality is good enough to stand on its own! Explore some best practices for the channel to encourage more re-pins and click-throughs from users who weren’t directly served your content!

Have you used Pinterest to promote your content? Share your experiences in the comments!

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