Produce a Professional Video with your Smartphone

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Congratulations! Your business is up and running and you’re ready to get your feet wet in video marketing. Not ready to splurge on a high-end camera quite yet? No worries! Starting out, the best type of camera for your first videos is the one that you have – your smartphone! While technology has done a pretty awesome job at getting some quality videos by simply pointing and shooting, there are ways to squeeze just a little bit more quality out of the typical smartphone camera with these simple tricks we’ll be discussing today.


Steady Rockin’ All Video Long

Even if you think you have rock steady hands worthy of an artist, filming an entire production without stabilizing equipment will still cause some noticeable wobble in your video.

For stable, wobble-free videos, your best bet is to use a gimbal. A gimbal is described as a pivoted point that allows you to rotate an object along a single axis. You can capture incredible videos from various angles by shooting with a gimbal. The best part? It’s versatile and compact enough to take anywhere with you!


Let There be Light

Good lighting is key for any video production. Smartphone cameras are more sensitive to light levels than the typical standalone camera, so if you don’t pay attention to lighting, you run the risk of your production taking a massive turn.

If you’re shooting outdoors, avoid shooting in direct sunlight. The last thing you want are harsh shadows getting in the way of the focal point of your video. Shady spots under a tree or an awning of a building are sure to deliver nice even tones.

Windows provide an excellent source of light when shooting indoors. Depending on the time of the day you’re shooting, you may still run into some harsh lighting. Diffuse the light by hanging a white bed sheet or curtain over the window, and refrain from pointing your lens directly at the it. Doing so will darken the subject. Instead, stand at a slight angle to the light source to achieve decent levels of definition.


Keep Your Lens Squeaky Clean

If you want professional results, you’ve got to treat your equipment as a pro would. Owners of high-end cameras are finicky about keeping their lens spotless to ensure crystal clear video, while our smartphones build up dirt and grime from being tucked away in our pockets or bags.

To achieve the best quality video, treat your smartphone camera lens to a thorough cleaning before you start filming. With a spray bottle of eyeglass cleaner and a lens cloth, you’ll be one step closer to a video pro.


Know Your Smartphone

Technology has and continues to introduce new features to the mobile world. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the features on your smartphone, so you can set your camera for optimal performance no matter the setting. If you have the ability to shoot in 4K, do it! Shooting in 4K will ensure your videos don’t look out of date in a few years’ time.


Wrapping up, just because you don’t have a high-end camera, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for your video marketing efforts. Even with the cheapest smartphone, you can still produce some decent quality videos now a day. You will be able to get even better quality videos if you are sensible and pay attention to the features of the camera, and the environment in which you are shooting.


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