Pintralytics : Analytics for the Pinterest User

Pinterest has long been a place to store and share your favorite things around the Internet. Many businesses have taken to the site to share their product, service or message and many have succeeded in gaining traction and notoriety for their company. However, there has been no way to see exactly what or how these pins are being used…until now.

Pinterest has recently incorporated analytics into their social networking platform. This means that you will be able to quantify the quality and effectiveness of your “pinning”. The analytics may seem confusing, but they are actually quite simple. Here is a guide to get you started.

To access the analytics, go to your Pinterest home page and click on your name. The dropdown below will include an “Analytics” section.


pinterest home



After clicking on the section, you will be taken to the analytics page. The first chart will give you a daily breakdown of pins for the week. The pins are the actual pins you have posted and the pinners are the number of people who have pinned directly from your website.


Pinterest pins and pinners

The next chart shows the number of repins (the number of pins from your website that have been repinned throughout Pinterest) and repinners (the number of people repinning material from your website).  The material charted as being repinned could be as recent as your most current pin or as old as your very first.


Pinterest repins repinners

The third chart shows the impressions and reach of your pins. Impressions are the average number of times your pins appeared on Pinterest in the main feed, in search results, or on boards. The reach refers to the average number of people who saw your pins on Pinterest.


Pinterest impressions and reach


The final chart can be especially helpful. It shows the  average number of clicks to your website that came from Pinterest and the average number of people who visited your website from Pinterest as well.


clicks visitors



So it’s time to start tracking your progress on Pinterest! It’s a great tool –use it!

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