Pinterest: Visual Creativity

Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed when Pinterest was first announced. I got a few invites that I immediately deleted from my inbox and shook my head every time I saw a friend sharing a pin on Facebook or Twitter. However, tonight while browsing Facebook during a commercial break I noticed a friend posting pins about her wedding. I was immediately curious and went to go look them. As it turns out, I didn’t know all there was to know about Pinterest. Go figure.

I assumed Pinterest was a photo sharing site and it sort of is but it’s really a way to catalogue and organize those photos in a manner that makes sense to you. On Pinterest, pins (photos) are posted on boards. Boards can be labeled as fashion, home, shoes, books, etc. You name them and organize as they make sense to you and add photos to them via the web or a smartphone app. Pinterest is useful if you’re trying to find ideas for a party, weddings, etc or if you’re trying to make a wish list of something you might like/want or places to travel. All of these pins are displayed elegantly on Pinterest’s website and mobile app for all your friends to see and get ideas of what you like. You can also share your own photos so that they can be reshared within the Pinterest network.

The potential for Pinterest is huge. It’s a great way to share your art and that of others. It’s also a great way to get ideas for any project. When I realized this, I created my own account and silently sent an apology to all my friends. Are you on Pinterest? Let’s share pins. Check out my pin board.

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