Pinterest Lens Goes Offline So You Can Find More Online.

LinkedIn finally added a new feature that they were testing, Pinterest made improvements to their platform, and Instagram took a page from Facebook’s playbook. Want to see how?searching  

LinkedIn Rolls Out Skills Assessment Quizzes. What’s Your Score? 

A few weeks ago, we reported that LinkedIn was testing a new feature called Skills Assessment, which is a short quiz that users can take to verify their skillset. Well, it turns out that testing went well because LinkedIn officially put it on the platform this month. LinkedIn said that more than 76% of professionals “wish there was a way for hiring managers to verify their skills so they could stand out amongst other candidates.” The platform has added a few new tools to go with this feature. For starters, LinkedIn may allow you to utilize LinkedIn Learning courses for free depending on your quiz performance. They will also send you relevant job recommendations if you pass a popular skill quiz. So, if you are job searching, or just want to show your skill sets in a more reliable way, try the Skills Assessments today!  

Have You Seen Through the Eyes of Pinterest?

This month, Pinterest rolled out several new upgrades for its lens tool. Are you unfamiliar with this tool? No worries! We can break it down for you. While most other search engines require a written description to start a query, Pinterest’s lens tool allows users to search from a picture. This may sound like an image search, but it is so much more. Users can see an item they want in-person, take a photo of it, and the app will find either that item or one similar available for purchase. While this tool has been around for some time, the platform made a few changes to make it that much better. These upgrades include: 

  • Offline search 
  • Faster and easier camera access for in-app photos
  • Option to upload images from a gallery or save to the gallery from the app 
  • In-app photos can be pinned and saved to a board

If that wasn’t enough, now users can hover over images in the Fashion and Home pins and see different links to buy either that specific item or something similar.

Is Instagram Taking Up All Your Time? Schedule It! 

Instagram is changing for the better. With the most recent update, you can now schedule Instagram posts! The only catch is, these posts must be scheduled through Facebook and access to this feature is only available for business accounts. A creator account or Instagram business account must be linked to a Facebook business page before posts can be scheduled. Once that account is linked, click the Instagram logo at the top of the Facebook business page to schedule a post. As of now, this feature works for Instagram posts and IGTV but not for stories. If you need to post on Instagram regularly but don’t have the time, this feature is made for you. Create that Facebook business page and start scheduling your content today! 


Did you know that 80% of users on Instagram follow a business account? 

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