Pinterest Expands Audience Targeting

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photo: @1924us

Pinterest is already a powerful way to drive traffic to your website and promote your products, but this week the powerful platform introduced a game-changing tool designed to help business get even more serious- new targeting tools for ads!

It’s already possible to target your promoted pins using keywords, user interests, location, and the type of device they use. Now, you can delve into the analytics of your own audience and use that information to get even more specific about who you are targeting with your ads.

Pinterest has added three new ways to target customers:

Lookalike targeting: You can now create ads to send to an audience that looks and behaves like your existing demographic.

Targeting through customer lists: You can now target customers using information such as their emails or mobile ad identification numbers.

Visitor retargeting: Pinterest keeps track of all the people that visit your site, and you can now use that information to draw those same customers back in by showing them new ads!

These new features are currently in beta testing but have already shown promising results. Pinterest claims that some business that have tried this tool have seen clickthrough rates as much as triple, and that lookalike targeting was especially effective, boosting reach up to 30x  and increasing clickthrough by up to 63%.

For businesses that work with Pinterest marketing developer partners, these new features may be available as soon as the end of the June 2016. For everyone else, the new ad features will roll out on a gradual basis throughout 2016.

In the meantime, pay close attention to your audience’s behavior, and be sure to do some investigation in your analytics so when the new feature is added, you’ll be ready to take full advantage!

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