Photovine: Watch Your Photos Grow

Photovine is a project that Google has been working on for a while. Available only in private beta and via invitation (like all of Google’s new projects), it finally became publicly available early last week and yours truly was first to jump on board and secure an account with a name I’ve always wanted: Suki.

Photovine is NOT just another photo sharing app. The idea behind Photovine is to build a community of people that share similar photos. Users of Photovine add photos to a “vine.” Vines can be titled sunsets, child play, etc. Your mission is to take and share a photo that supports the theme and add to the vine and then watch it grow. If you have a photo that doesn’t have an existing vine, you can add a new vine, and then you are dubbed the pioneer of that vine. For example, my vines are fair food and tacos. Since Photovine is so new, there are plenty of opportunities to create new vines. I’m secretly hoping my vines will go viral.

If you’re interested in checking out Photovine, it is currently available in the iPhone app store which is a surprising move by Google considering they usually support the Android market.  It’s simple to create an account within the app and begin sharing your photos. Photos and vines can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter to help your vines grow. The app itself is visually appealing. Google spent a lot of time designing the interface and creating a great experience. I didn’t find any bugs and found it easy to get started. Now I’m addicted to sharing photos and creating new vines. If you’re on Photovine, find me there, I’m Suki. Let’s share photos and grow some vines.

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