Photos Are The Windows To Your Brand’s Soul: 3 Types of Photos To Include In Your Content

3 Types of Photos To Include In Your ContentWhen you walk into a store, whether you consciously notice it or not, the ambiance is what initially pulls you in more than anything else. Everything in the store, from the decorations to the lighting to the chairs, tells a story. This is exactly what it’s like when your audience looks at your social media profiles – especially Instagram and Pinterest since those are heavily visual-based. To create an aesthetically pleasing, and compelling, profile, here are three types of photos you can incorporate into your content:


Flat Lays


These are the Swiss Army Knives of photos. They can be created for pretty much every type of product. Whether you use grass, sand, pavement, wood, or a white background, you can create flat lays on any surface with any props. For the best results, keep these key details in mind: colors, balance, and lighting.




Lifestyle Photos


People love connecting to a brand. They like to be pulled into a different world and picture themselves in the situations portrayed in your photos. Lifestyle photos serve this exact purpose. They’re meant to instill your brand into the hearts and souls of your customers so that if they see a Ford Bronco all they can picture is the photo on your Instagram of cruising down the PCH. And then all they can feel is the spirit of adventure and wind in their hair.





Creating a simple graphic can go a long way. On Instagram, they’re great to use as another design tactic that is simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and emphasizes your brand’s message. For example, if you’re an athletic apparel company, you could create a graphic of a motivational, workout quote and post those every so often. This type of content is also extremely sharable which is a huge plus for increasing your brand awareness. People love reposting inspirational phrases or motivational quotes to their friends and family.



One photo can tell an incredible story, but hundreds and thousands of photos put together turn that story into an experience for its viewers.

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