Oscars 2016: Using Trending Topics to Reach a Broader Audience

It’s coming on Sunday night: Oscar time! You pop some popcorn, open your laptop, and search the hashtag #Oscars2016 to see what everyone’s saying about your favorite films and stars. Now, pause: if you are curious about the reactions and opinions of other online influencers, why shouldn’t your business capitalize on that curiosity, too? The reality of the social media world is that your success hinges on your ability to join a conversation that everyone’s talking about. With events like the Oscars and the Olympics that draw millions of eyes from all over the world, it’s the perfect opportunity to reach a broader audience and to cement your company’s relevance in popular culture.

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Award for Best Trending Topics on Google

Every Oscar-winning performance on social media starts with a great script. Get into character by understanding what your audience is searching for with an amazing tool called Google Trends. This program will direct every move in your social strategy, giving you a real-time ranking of the highest searched terms and phrases on Google. The program shows everything from annual snapshots to the last 24 hours, and is global in scale. Search for industry terms and scroll down to see the related search terms. This will give you a list of keywords upon which you can structure your content. Connecting with your audience through all of the noise on social media involves giving the people what they want- and you can hear them loud and clear with Google Trends.

Award for Best Trending Topics on Twitter 

Twitter’s shining star, hashtags, mean the most when it comes to trending topics. This is a fantastic way to drive engagement, as your attempts to solicit opinions or market specific promotions can easily be seen by the masses! Simply log into your Twitter account and use the search bar feature to research the popularity of certain terms relating to your business or a specific milestone or event. However, be sure to do your research. The popularity of certain viral hashtags often fades, as the same is true on Twitter as it is in Hollywood: fame is fleeting.

Award for Best Trending Topics on Facebook

Facebook’s algorithm is like the academy: it recognizes and understands the excitement a great piece of content, like a great film, can cause on your social media presence. When you log into your Facebook account, you will see a list of trending topics on the right hand side of your news feed. Furthermore, you can now also search hashtags on Facebook! While it’s taken some time for them to catch on within this channel, larger brands have started using hashtags as another place to capture free ad space in Facebook’s internal search engine- so why shouldn’t you?

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