Oh the Humanity: Showcasing your Company’s Human Side on Social Media

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So you’ve got a business that delivers a great product or service. That’s awesome! However, your marketing tactics can’t stop there. Unless your business includes donuts or puppies, people probably don’t have any emotional attachment to it. An emotional connection creates a sense of loyalty and increases the likelihood of a person to use your business.  If you feel you are lacking in this area because your company sells staplers or delivers a service like air-conditioning repair, fear not! You can obtain that oh-so-important emotional attachment with social media! Here are some ways to utilize different social media channels to showcase your company’s human side:

Facebook: Many businesses make the mistake of using Facebook solely as an advertising tool. They will constantly post about their products and fail to realize that nobody likes that (again, unless your business is all about donuts or puppies). Instead, Facebook should be used as a platform to let your customers get to know your business on a more personal level. This can be done by showcasing an employee of the week or even having your customer take a poll on which employee has the most exciting costume on Halloween. Using Facebook to show who you are and engage with customers on a personal level will create a bond beyond the product you are selling.

Intagram: This is a great platform for showing off your company’s humanity. You can even create an account for your business and encourage your entire team contribute to it. Have them post pictures from in and out of the workplace to better show off who they are. Does your receptionist moonlight as a lounge singer? Let’s see it! Does the tech guy live on a Llama farm? Show us! By putting out more material, you increase the chance of potential customers finding an emotional connection point associated with your company.

Pinterest: Pinterest provides an easy way to show people what you are all about and can absolutely be utilized as a “customer-emotion-connector.” Say you’re an insurance company with multiple insurance agents. You can have a company Pinterest page with individual boards for each agent. That way when a customer is choosing his or her agent (or is assigned an agent by your company), they will be able to “get to know” them by their interests and be able to connect with them on a level that is outside of business.

People connect with people, not with things. By showcasing the human side of your company, you are giving the world something worthwhile to connect with. Well done, you!

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