Now You Really Can Block Out Your Haters… On Twitter.


Pinterest is making it easier to shop the brands you love, Instagram is adding a new ‘Donations’ sticker for nonprofits, and Twitter is adding new ways to block your haters from engaging in your conversations. These new features are what is trending in social media news this week.



Block, Mute, and Now: Hide Your Haters on Twitter


Twitter is known as a great source for news… and drama. With so many bots and opinions flying, it doesn’t take much for a tweet to become the source of a full-blown argument. Twitter is creating a new tool that will allow users to hide unwanted comments from their threads in hopes to assist in deescalating heated conversations. While this tool can be helpful for facilitating conversations between the tweeter and desired audience, it also means users can hide anyone’s comment who doesn’t necessarily agree with them. This feature will still allow Twitter users to see those comments – with some extra effort.


Instagram Will Soon Allow Nonprofits to Seek Donations Via the App


Instagram’s newest Story Sticker could be a huge win for nonprofit accounts. Later this year, Instagram will introduce a ‘Donations’ sticker which will allow users to donate to a represented cause via the app. Previously, Facebook has had a donations feature which has seen much success for nonprofits – from allowing people to use their birthday as a platform for fundraising for their favorite company, to seeing over $125 Million donations come through on Giving Tuesday in 2018. Facebook, Inc.’s director of project manager for social good, Emily Dalton Smith says “I think we’re just really eager to see what the Instagram community brings to life and the causes they support.” A release date for this feature has not yet been set.


Pinterest’s Newest Feature Makes It Easier To Shop Brands You Love


Pinterest is adding new ways to make shopping your brand even easier with a new feature. Previously, when shopping or browsing on Pinterest, the selected Pin includes feature below that says “more like this” which gives similar Pins to that product. Now Pinterest is taking another step forward by adding “more from this brand” on all tagged product pins. This means when you see a new pair of Nikes you love, below you’ll also see the Nike Joggers, tank, and jacket to complete the look. Hold on to your paychecks kids.



Did you know: 51.9% of businesses plan on increasing social media efforts to drive purchases in 2019.


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