Move Over; There’s A New Facebook Layout In Town

If you run a business Facebook account, you probably received the same notification that we did. “New layout for KWSM coming on August 24.” We started receiving this as a Facebook notification and then as an email; then the new layout rolled out.

What is the new layout feature on Facebook?

When you received the notification that your current layout would change, Facebook gave you the option to immediately update to the new look or wait until the said date they provided. Facebook changed all layouts on August 24, 2018. If you didn’t manually select the template of your choice, Facebook chose one for you that it thought fit your business.

What do the new layouts include?

The new layouts include call-to-action buttons that correlate with the industry of your business. Depending on what template you chose for your business, users were given the opportunity to book appointments, purchase tickets, place food orders, and leave reviews. Many of those features were not previously available to your audience. The new layout is supposed to increase the connection between the people who care about your business on Facebook the most. All of this is for your audience to access information like your company’s story, hours, and messaging quickly.

We recommend for business owners to familiarize themselves with the new page and make sure all of the information is still current and in place. If you own a business that offers services to be booked or orders to be placed, this will be especially important to make sure your set up to handle those inquiries.

While the layouts weren’t life-changing, it’s important to stay up-to-date on any changes that Facebook and other platforms roll out that could affect the look and feel of your social media accounts. If you’re having problems with managing your channels, KWSM is here to help. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily social media news and tips.

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