Mission Possible! Here’s How To Create A Winning Mission Statement

Create A Winning Mission StatementHow many times have you gone into a new class or networking event and had to give a quick elevator pitch about yourself? The nerves are sometimes unavoidable, which is why it’s best to think of an answer beforehand! The same goes with your company or brand’s mission statement. As you’re building a company and developing a voice, it’s important to understand your mission.

Your mission statement is the anchor for everything you do in your business. It’s what you, your employees and your company stands for. Your mission will declare a special niche to your business that sets you apart from other companies or brands out there. Here’s how to come up with a killer mission statement.

Ask Tough Questions

Why did you start this business? What are your end goals or daily goals? What sets your brand apart from others out there? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself when writing a mission statement. Before you even put words down on paper, you have to completely understand your brand, your audience, and where you want your brand to go in the future.

Collaborate With The Team

If you already have a dynamic team of employees, blend brains! Just like any other project you would work on together, bounce ideas off one another to come up with the best mission statement. Spend an hour or two thinking together about the business and what each team member strives for to better the company. At KWSM, whether we’re coming up with a mission statement or new blog ideas, we’re always bouncing ideas off one another to come up with the most innovative concepts! 

Use Radiating Words

A tricky part to developing a successful mission statement is the length. Some companies make the mistake of creating long and wordy mission statements. Just like your social media content, shorter and more powerful will do better! You want to grab attention quick by using captivating words and phrases to get your point across fast. Thesaurus.com is your friend!

After you’ve established your best mission statement, publish it everywhere! Create fluidity and consistency on your social media channels by plugging in your mission statement in your bios and descriptions. Give your audience the key to unlock the magic behind your business with your mission.

Want to start creating a mission statement but you’re still not comfortable with your brand voice, click here!

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