Managing Your Company’s Social Media Like a Client


If you’re looking to start managing social media for your company, it’s important to take it seriously. Think of yourself as a client. At KWSM, we have a particular protocol for on boarding new clients so we can see the best results when we get started. If you were running social media for another company, you would prepare a certain way, so why don’t you do the same thing for your business’ social media channels? If you’re beginning to set-up and manage social media for your company, these “on-boarding” steps will get you started-out on the right foot.


  1. Set up a point of contact for posting. Who on your team is going to be in charge of managing which channels? What kind of responsibilities does this require? It is important to set expectations in the beginning and set goals for your social media presence. Once those goals are in place, keep things consistent, so everyone is working towards an agreed upon goal.


  1. Check for Consistency. Each of your channels should have similar messaging that represents your brand. Make sure there is consistency with profile pictures and logos across all of the channels you will be running.


  1. Designate an ad budget. How much are you looking to spend on social media advertising? Come up with a budget as well as a social media advertising campaign for your company. Update the budget and plan as necessary.


  1. Create a strategy and content calendar. Lay out the type of content you will be creating and posting as well as how you will be sharing it with your audience. Read more about the importance of having a social media strategy for your business here.


  1. Set aside time weekly to go over your social media plan. We set a weekly call with each of our clients to discuss the channels and keep our clients updated. Allocate this same time for your own social media channels.


  1. Collect as much content as possible. Ask other members of your team to send you photos from work or special events to feature on your channels. Out of the office for business? Sounds like the perfect time to be taking pictures to show off your company culture on social.


  1. Establish content protocols. How do you respond to customer feedback or difficult questions online? Whoever is contributing to the management of your social channels should be debriefed on the protocols you follow so your responses are always consistent, timely, and appropriate. You can’t always predict what your followers will say online, but you can prepare for it. Find out more about the importance social media plays in crisis management.


You should be putting as much effort into your social media presence as you would a client’s. Manage your channels with pride and set attainable goals to work towards. You never want to let a client down, even if that client is you. You can learn more about the importance of setting SMART social media goals here.




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