LinkedIn’s New Targeting Capabilities, Pinterest Drops Likes Button, FTC Sets Crosshairs on Influencers | Social Media Trends

Bullseye! Business networking juggernaut LinkedIn is introducing new targeting capabilities that will give marketers a competitive edge with their social campaigns. LinkedIn’s New Targeting Capabilities, Pinterest Drops Likes Button, FTC Sets Crosshairs on Influencers | Social Media Trends

Meanwhile, Pinterest is ditching its “like” button, and social influencers everywhere are finding themselves under the lens of the FTC in this week’s social media trends.

The Results Are In: Pinterest Users Vote No On “Like” Button

Pinterest has officially bid adieu to its “Like” feature. The platform is opting instead for a new private “Pinterest Likes” board that will be made available to all users in next few weeks.

The popular digital platform cites confusion from users between the “like” and “save” button and considers the move part of the creation of a more “seamless user experience.”

If you happened to be one of the few that actually enjoyed the feature, don’t fret! A new “Your Likes Board” will still offer the same functionality; only this time will live privately within your own Pinterest board.

Influencers- You Have Been Warned!

 The Federal Trade Commission is making one thing clear with its latest move: Follow FTC rules and regulations when it comes to social media advertising or face hefty fines.

The FTC recently sent out over 90 letters to social media “celebrities,” specifically Instagram influencers instructing them to follow advertising rules or else.

Influencers must be careful to disclose their relationship with any brands they are working who is paying them. The guidelines also require that influencers pay special attention to their ad copy as “consumers viewing Instagram posts on mobile devices typically see only the first three lines of a longer post unless they click ‘more,’ which many may not do.”

If your brand works closely with social media influencers, click here for a full list of rules and regulations for social endorsements.

LinkedIn ‘Matched Audiences’ Gives Marketers A New Advantage

 Social networking and audience-targeted advertising is reaching new heights thanks to LinkedIn’s newest targeting capabilities.

‘Matched Audiences’ will now offer marketers three new capabilities to better understand and reach their desired demographics via: Contact Targeting, account targeting, and website retargeting.

LinkedIn’s newest feature has recently undergone a six-month trial period and the results are promising: 30% increase in click through rates with website retargeting, 37% click-rate increase in contact retargeting and 32% increase in account targeting.

How will you use LinkedIn’s newest feature to take your social marketing strategy to the next level?

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