LinkedIn Wants You To Cozy Up To New Connections

Bye-bye business cards!

LinkedIn is connecting you with potential connections close by with a new “Discover Members Nearby” feature.

Meanwhile, Facebook is tightening the reins when it comes to spam and “fake news” within its news feed, and Snapchat is extending your viewing time in this week’s social media trends!

LinkedIn Wants You To Cozy Up To New Connections 3
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Facebook’s Crackdown On Spammers: A Closer Look

 The days of fake news sensationalism within Facebook are over.

The social giant announced changes to its newsfeed algorithm in a recent blog, saying web pages “that contain little substantive content and encourage disruptive, shocking, or malicious ads” will face reduced links and a significant decrease in traffic thanks to the new algorithm change.

So what does this mean for you the publisher? As long as you adhere to Facebook’s standards, everything will continue as normal, but this is definitely an opportunity to reassess your campaign strategy to ensure you are reaching as many people as possible ahead of the new changes.

LinkedIn Getting Personal With Latest Connection Feature

LinkedIn Wants You To Cozy Up To New Connections
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 When it comes to networking with leading professional connections using LinkedIn, the future is now.

The popular business-networking platform recently unveiled a new connection feature named “Discover Members Nearby,” and it is taking digital networking to a whole new level.

The update will make it easier to know both the names and profiles of all your first level connections that are geographically close based on your smartphone’s location.

To protect user privacy, the feature will be an “opt-in” addition to the mobile app, giving users the power to connect with other LinkedIn connections when they see fit. From conferences to meetings, how can you make LinkedIn’s new feature work for you?

 It’s Official: Unlimited Snap View Is Here

LinkedIn Wants You To Cozy Up To New Connections 2
Photo Credit: Instagram @RamiZeleku

 There’s nothing worse than watching your best friend’s Snapchat story of Uncle Larry doing the worm at the most epic family reunion of the last 20 years and only being able to watch the glorious ten seconds only once!

We’ve all been there before at one point or another, and the good people over at everyone’s favorite video and image sharing platform have listened. Unlimited Snapchat viewing time is finally upon us!

In an effort to stand out among the crowd, Snapchat has unveiled several new creative tools, and we can’t get enough!

The new set of features includes unlimited viewing time, emoji drawing and even video looping.

Snap fans can give their videos an “unlimited” looping time for their audience. The new feature can be accessed on the right side of the screen under the editing tools icon.

Users will now also be able to loop their videos similar to Facebook’s Boomerang, and draw and create fun images using an Emoji brush tool.

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