LinkedIn Launches “Open For Business” Feature

LinkedIn Launch YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn have made updates this week that will help you feel part of a community, be more creative, and hopefully receive more business! 

YouTube Rolls Out Super Stickers to Form a Community

YouTube has officially launched a new feature, Super Stickers. These fun and colorful images can be found within a different tool, Super Chat, which allows fans to pay for higher placement of their live-stream messages. YouTube seems to be inspired by Twitch, but these stickers feel more like those found in messaging apps than Twitch’s highly personalized cheermotes.  Users can choose from eight super sticker packs with prices ranging from as low as 99 cents all the way to $50. Creators can utilize the Super Chat and Super Sticker features if they have 1,000 subscribers or more (in certain markets) and operate a monetized channel. This is a great tool to develop a connection between creators and their followers while providing another outlet for monetization. 


Facebook Gets More Creative

Facebook made new updates to Creator Studio to boost your marketing game. These updates will include new insights and metrics allowing users to further understand how their audience interacts with their content. “Publishers and creators will clearly see how their content is distributed across Facebook, and be able to optimize for each source,” says Facebook. When it comes to video views, you will now be able to see a percentage of how long someone spends watching your video. They have also added new tools for Instagram through Creator Studio, these include: tagging an Instagram account, tagging a post with a brand partner, and turning off comments on an Instagram post.


LinkedIn is Open For Business 

If you own a small business, this update is for you! Open For Business is a “marketplace that helps freelancers and business owners find new clients” on LinkedIn. Members can also use this to find more information about specific services offered by small businesses. For example, users could ask for recommendations finding a career coach or seek tax help from an accountant. All you have to do is fill out the form “showcase services you offer” on your profile. After this, LinkedIn members should be able to find you through the “services providers” filter. It’s as easy as that! 


Did you know that there are 2 billion monthly active YouTube users? 

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