2016 has proven to be the year of live video! Following the likes of Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has finally debuted its highly anticipated live video capabilities powered by Periscope. Meanwhile, Facebook is taking things one-step further as it combines live, 360-degree video for an unprecedented viewing experience, and popular college social network Yik Yak raises the question of the validity of anonymity in this week’s trending social media news! Twitter Finally Joins The Live Video Ranks Going live on Twitter is now as easy as creating a Tweet, framing the shot, and tapping “live” thanks to the platform’s latest feature, which debuted this week. This isn’t the first time Twitter has dabbled in live video, recently teaming up with the NFL to live stream of a number of games for fans across the world. In hopes of reaching a broader audience, anyone using both Twitter and Periscope, which was acquired by Twitter in 2015, can either join or launch their own live stream directly from their mobile devices using the official app. After this latest update, one thing is for sure: Social media users everywhere now have absolutely NO shortage of choices when it comes to live-streaming platforms! Facebook Debuts Video Simulation Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step out of a space pod and make contact with Mars’ surface for the first time? Thanks to Facebook’s latest video feature, users will be able to experience a simulated Mars expedition. Facebook is teaming up with National Geographic for its initial launch of its first 360-degree live-streaming feature, aimed at driving authenticity and live viewing. The social media platform’s latest partnership with National Geographic is just another example of how digital trends are moving toward immersive live video in hopes of generating buzz and traffic. How have you used Facebook’s latest live video streaming capabilities to reach new audiences and demographics recently? Anonymity In Social Media: Yik Yak Feels The Heat As popular college social platform Yik Yak’s future remains questionable, college students have proven that anonymous social media engagement is still valued in a market saturated with overexposed influencers and social media stars. Just two years ago, the popular location-based social channel Yik Yak made a splash with millennials. In 2014, Yik Yak surfaced as one of the ten most downloaded social apps among college students with thousands across the nation posting anonymously within their local communities about their college experiences, gossip and life in general. Unfortunately, due to repeated attempts at reaching broader audiences by taking away the anonymous aspect of blind posting and engagement within its community, Yik Yak has recently laid off nearly 60% of its work force after last-ditch efforts to restore its anonymous posting features. When it comes to social media anonymity, where do you stand? Stay in the loop when it comes to all things social media by following Katie Wagner social media on Facebook!

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