Learning How To Test Your Audience Is A Necessary Social Media Skill

Learning How To Test Your Audience Is A Necessary Social Media Skill

If you’re investing money, and you find an investment that is low-risk, high-reward, you’d take an interest. If $5 can get you $50, chances are you take that chance. Social media is exactly that low-risk, high-reward investment that you would leap at in any other medium. The biggest advantage to that is your ability to take risks and test your audiences to create the absolute best content possible. One bad post won’t sink you, but one great one can skyrocket your page to new heights, so you can’t be afraid to find what works!


Listen To Your Audience


Instead of looking at your audience as a group to speak to, look at them as a group you should listen to. Jump into their timelines and see what they are talking about. Look at the hashtags they are engaging with. The way your audience acts outside your pages is the best way to learn who they are and what you can offer them.


Pay Attention To Time


One question to always ask yourself is “what time are my users most active?” This is a key element of successful posting. For example, Twitter users are 181% more likely to be on the platform during their commute (which is a little worrying). Posting your content at 7 a.m. when people are starting their commute will yield better results than posting at 9 a.m. when people are already at their desk and settling into their day. Posting at 8 p.m. on a Friday when people are at the bar is a bad idea, but posting at 6 p.m. when they are getting ready to go out might be perfect.


Read your own content


Are you paying attention to how your content is put together, or are you simply posting and moving on? When a post does well, do you analyze the verbiage, the content, and the responses? Learning to break down your posts granularly and compare performances is vital to keeping your page growing. When you test out a new posting strategy, compare its success or failure to other posts you’ve seen succeed or fail. Find those commonalities and craft accordingly in the future.


Be the mad scientist


As mentioned above, one failed post won’t sink you, so don’t be afraid to go outside the norm. Try being silly, or dramatic, or professional. Change your tone, use memes and craft colorful graphics. Try making posts you would want to see, or emulate an ad you’ve hated. There is no wrong answer as long as you take a hard look at the results.


The holidays are the perfect time to start experimenting by giving your brand a new and unique holiday vibe!

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