Launch Your Next Advertising Campaign With Programmatic

Rocket LaunchIf you’re a medium-sized business looking to grow into the next chapter, you’ve likely been doing a lot of research on advertising lately. With so many options out there, it’s hard to decide where to spend your marketing dollars. Whether it’s site direct, social, search engine marketing, or something else, the capabilities of each strategy can get to be a lot to handle. Among that discussion, you may have heard the term “programmatic media” being thrown around.


Without getting into the down and nerdy details that our team takes immense joy in discussing, we’ll give you a high level on what programmatic media entails. Here’s why it may be right for your business:


What Is Programmatic?

Generally, the most common type of online advertising is executed from person to person. A marketer will make a deal with a website to have their ads served to users. This is called site-direct. What many people may not know, however, is that a lot of these sites have advertising inventory that they sell openly on an exchange.


Instead of going to each website one by one, marketers are able to enter auctions on the exchange, and bid automatically for advertising inventory on websites that may fit well with their target audiences. In addition, software, where parameters are compiled by the marketer on the account, do much of this bidding automatically.


Why Do I Need It?

We’re willing to bet that you’ve already got a Facebook campaign or two running. You may even have some search marketing through Google Adwords as well. Think of programmatic as the natural next point of progression. A strong marketing mix finds new ways to reinforce your brand.


With Google Adwords and Facebook, your impressions are constricted, for the most part, to those specific platforms. Adding programmatic to the mix allows your message to expand to a whole new set of advertising inventory, creating more touch points for your marketing team. If you’re seeing your current efforts beginning to plateau or stagnate, it may be time to diversify your advertising to include this promising component.

That’s what programmatic brings to the table, the opportunity to achieve advertising scale on a multitude of websites, create a well-rounded marketing mix, and a more compelling value proposition for potential customers, with the press of a button.


The US will spend over $35 billion on native programmatic by 2019


How well do your advertising efforts achieve your goals? Today’s consumers expect to have a flawless experience on the Internet. It starts with the right strategy.

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