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Best places to work At KWSM, we are dedicated to telling our clients’ stories. We employ some of the best people in the industry, who work hard to do just that. We also think that it is important to be a part of a team where each person can thrive. This means having a positive company culture where our core values are able to shine through. 


We think KWSM is one of a kind, and we work hard to have a company with values and workmanship we all can be proud of. So we decided to apply for Inc’s 2019 “Best Places to Work” award. This award surveys company employees anonymously to learn about the employee’s experience with the company. Inc. asks for feedback on company culture, trust in senior leadership, management, career development, benefits, and perks. 


“The most obvious piece of the success of KWSM, and the biggest reason many of us are here, is that they hire based on the fit within the organization instead of hiring to fill a position. Looking at the people first and hiring who fits in with the company culture and ideals shows their dedication to keeping the company friendly and enjoyable, and recognizes that someone willing to learn and grow is far more important than anything else…”

We shared some of the core strengths we have as a company, and we have also reviewed the feedback from our team on things that we are doing right and things that we can maybe improve.


Some highlights that we found exciting were; when asked what word described KWSM as a whole, the most frequent word written in by our employees was collaborative. When asked if people were valued by their leaders we scored 100, which was higher than the top 5% of companies. Overall our employees love coming to work every day, and that is important because a happy team means that we can do our best work for clients.

19 people at KWSM took the survey.   Over a celebratory champagne toast at a team meeting, Katie revealed the results to the team.  Our score was 95%. While we didn’t win, we learned some incredible insights.


In all my years of working in this industry, I have never been apart of a company that genuinely, honestly, and intentionally cares for it’s people. Workers here are celebrated – workers here are nurtured – workers here are encouraged.

Next year’s list we are coming for you!


See what our team members have to say about being apart of the KWSM team.


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