It’s Official: KWSM is one of the Best Places to Work!

At KWSM, we are dedicated to telling our clients’ stories. We employ some of the best digital marketers in the industry, and we think it’s important to foster a team culture where each person can thrive. We live by our KWSM core values, using them to guide the work we do for clients, and the way we treat each other.

Over our almost 10 years in business, we’ve built a company that takes care of its people first. The leaders at the agency know that the team is our best asset, and creating a place where they can grow and feel content is the best way to serve our clients well.

This year, we decided to enter Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work survey. In its 4th year, the best workplaces survey gathers information from company employees anonymously to learn how they rate their workplaces. Inc. asks for feedback on company culture, senior leadership, trust, management effectiveness, career development, benefits, perks, and confidence in the future. This year, Inc. reports that there were a record number of companies competing for recognition, with employees from almost 2,000 companies completing the survey.

When the results of the survey were tallied, KWSM scored 95 points out of 100. While that didn’t make us the overall winner, we feel good about what it says about our ability to make our team members feel valued and appreciated. And, it gives us room to improve for next year!


Out of the 139, 251 employees surveyed by Inc. nationwide, 74% of them were engaged by their work. At KWSM, 100% of our employees are engaged, with 90% ranking in the top ‘highly engaged’ category.

87% of KWSM employees agreed with this statement:

I see professional growth and career development opportunities for myself in this organization.

And 100% of our team felt this way:

The senior leaders of the organization value people as their most important resource.

The top word KWSM employees used to describe the work environment at KWSM was collaborative (that’s one of our core values!).


Although the results were anonymous, Inc. shared some of the comments from our team members. Here’s what they said about working at the agency:

We are recognized for who we are as people along with skill level. No other job or upper management has shown as much integrity and compassion for their
employees as I’ve seen here.

Good work is always recognized, from the smallest successes to the largest. Everyone feels appreciated and like they have a support system that will go to bat for them.

I’ve been a part of a few different agencies over the years, and my time at KWSM has really blown away what my impression of what “agency life” previously was. Katie (our fearless owner) goes out of her way to build teams of people who connect with and support each other on many different levels.

I have never been a part of a company that genuinely, honestly, and intentionally cares for its people. Workers here are celebrated ­ workers here are nurtured ­ workers here are encouraged.

My experience at KWSM has been beyond what I had hoped for. The leadership from the top down is so impressive. I think what strikes me as the most impressive is the genuine way they care about people individually. I have never worked in a place that is so respectful of my time and well­being.


Want to read more? See additional feedback from our team.


Taking part in the Inc. Magazine survey taught us a lot about how our team members feel, and what they need to be successful. As a company, we’re focused on continuing to improve, putting new initiatives in place, and planning to score 100 in next year’s survey!

A happy team means producing the best work for our clients, and that will always be KWSM’s top priority.


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