KWSM Digital Marketing Strategist Jessica Gets Promoted to Messaging Strategist and Copywriter!

digital marketing strategistHere at KWSM, each member of our team is passionate about at least one facet of digital marketing (passion is one of our core values, after all). It is this passion that drives many team members to hone in and refine one specific skill that they enjoy and excel at. Through hard work and determination, these team members are eligible to earn a promotion where they can specialize in that skill and help guide our entire team toward success.


One member of our KWSM Orange County team, Jessica Bramall, has recently earned a promotion in an area she’s passionate about! Though she excelled in her role as a Content Editor and Digital Marketing Strategist since her first day at KWSM back in November 2019, she knew writing was her passion, and one she wanted to pursue more intentionally.


So, we’re excited to announce that as of August 2021, Jessica is now a Messaging Strategist and Copywriter


In this role, Jessica leads our new clients’ brand messaging strategies, creates website copy, and ensures that each member of our team effectively shares our clients’ stories in a way that inspires the right audience to take action. 


To celebrate her promotion, we asked Jessica to share more about who she is outside of work and where her passion for copywriting comes from. 


Tell our readers a little bit about yourself!

I enjoy reading and binge-watching TV shows in my free time. I’m a huge fan of going out to eat and ordering appetizers (nachos specifically), and over-indulging on popcorn at the movie theater. I also have two pugs that are attached to me 24/7.


What has been your favorite part of working at KWSM?

Among so many things, I’d have to say that my favorite part of working at KWSM is having the ability to work with clients in a wide variety of industries. It’s helped me expand my knowledge and refine the skill of taking on different voices as I write.   


Why are you passionate about copywriting?

I love helping businesses establish an accurate brand voice and tell their story through that voice. There’s no better feeling than helping a client who has had a difficult time sharing who they are and what makes them unique. Seeing their faces light up when I’m able to put it all into words is incredibly rewarding.


What types of projects are your favorite to work on?

My favorite projects lately have been refreshing messaging for websites. It’s exciting to take copy that already exists and turn it into something even better. 


What do you hope to accomplish at work in the next year?

I want to take more risks in my writing. I aim to create messaging for clients that’s unique and bold.


Here’s what KWSM President and CEO Katie Wagner had to say about Jessica’s promotion:


“From her first day at the agency, Jessica has embodied two qualities that I admire. First, her passion for her work is contagious. She brings so much energy and excitement to her interactions with clients and it’s easy to share that enthusiasm. Second, Jessica is a dedicated learner and she’s committed to constant improvement and growth. We’ve been talking about the Copywriter & Messaging Strategist role since she joined the agency, and she worked hard to earn that place on the team. Jess is tenacious and truly talented, and we are lucky to have her on the KWSM team.”



Congratulations, Jessica! We are excited to see the stories you will tell in your new role and throughout your career. 



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