Instagram Updates Tools, Twitter Launches Features for Lists, and Facebook is Cracking Down on False Claims

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! In the news today, we share some of the newest updates that Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are gifting us this holiday season.

Facebook Finds False Claims Faster

Facebook announced that they have a new pilot program. The program will help the fact-checkers they already have. This program will search for posts that express disbelief, posts that a representative group of Facebook users that have found a claim to be corroborated or contradicted, and posts from accounts that have spread misinformation in the past. If someone flags the post, it will go to community reviewers to also review.

Twitter Launches New Features for Lists

Are you using Twitter Lists? Twitter has made some changes to help you utilize the tool better. 

The first change is a new list-specific Twitter Card when you share your lists with others.  The card features artwork and a title link.

The second enhancement is available iOS users only – and it provides suggestions to new users based on people already on your list.

Instagram Creates New and Updated Tools 

One update that will help marketers and influencers is the ability to see which posts and stories generate the most followers on Instagram. With this information, it allows users to create better content that appeals to their audience.

Businesses also are able to see ‘Stories About You,’ a new feature that allows them to see stories that mention their business and aggregate it so they can view it as a story at the top of the Activity tab. 

The platform also enacted age-gating for your business account. With this feature, you get to decide what the minimum age of users needs to be to view your profile and the content on it. 

In addition to what users can see on your profile, businesses can control whether they want their contact info and/or a category label to be visible on their profile display.


On a normal day, there are 80 million photos shared on Instagram and 3.5 billion likes.

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