Instagram Launches Voice Messaging

What’s old is new again.  Talking made way for texting and now one social media platform is going retro. Instagram is launching its own version of voice messaging. Meanwhile, Facebook tells its audience that sharing is caring, while Snapchat creates a new content series for advertising success. These are the trending stories in social media this week.


Instagram Unveils Voice Messaging


Most people have turned to e-mail and texting to avoid talking, but Instagram wants you to know that it’s still cool to leave voice messages!  The platform has globally launched voice messaging in direct messages. If your profile has updated with the new feature, you’ll notice a microphone in your bottom message bar for direct messaging. Just as with video on the platform, 1:00 is the max time for you to say what you’ve gotta say!  Unlike Mission Impossible, these messages won’t self destruct. Voice messages are permanent. This will be a great way to communicate with friends, followers, and even people you follow without needing to type a message.


Facebook Enables Collection Sharing


Facebook is now letting users share collections with their friends and family. Users will be able to gather a great collection (like a birthday wish list) and then pick which family members and friends they want to share the collection with. They’ll have to wait until their special day to see if they got anything from their collection though! Users can make collections of more than just gifts. For example, users can make collections of their favorite holiday recipes, wedding registries, or things they need to buy for a new home.


Snapchat Launches Solutions In A Snap


Snapchat has just launched “Solutions in a Snap,” which is a series of videos and content where Snapchat’s in-house experts explain how you can use advertising to get the results your business needs. Viewers will be able to learn about products, tools, and tips that can help them advertise better on the platform. While Snapchat is very focused on a young audience, company insiders hope that by showing advertisers how to market on the platform expertly, it will increase revenue and make Snapchat a very desirable marketing source for businesses.


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