Instagram for the Little Guys : Using Instagram to Promote Small Businesses

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Contrary to popular belief Instagram is not a hipster unit of measurement, but a social media channel that harbors a one hundred million strong user base. However, since Instagram is all about visuals, many small businesses tend to neglect this channel because they feel that their business isn’t visually interesting or doesn’t have enough brand awareness (think Coke or Apple) for people to care. FALSE! Here are just a few ways to utilize Instagram to promote your small business.

Showcase your company culture.  Show people the inner-workings of your company. Post photos of your customized desks, or your secretary’s obsessive sticky notes. Show them your outfits on casual Friday or snap a shot of someone hard at work. This will allow potential customers to get to know your company on a personal level and so will instill trust in them as well.

Show off the merch. If your company sells a particular product, Instagram it! Show off a different item each day or each week and ask questions about it. Post two pictures side by side and ask which users like better. If your company doesn’t have merchandise that it’s selling, show off that sweet new lunch sack or stress ball with the company logo on it!

 Celebrate good times (visually). Celebrations are always a good idea. Celebrate employee birthdays, anniversaries and company milestones. Bring balloons, donuts (because everyone has an emotional attachment to donuts),  or even just smiles! Have someone snap a picture and upload it to the company Instagram account. Show people how fun you are and how much you appreciate and care about your company and the people who keep it running.

 Do good. Then show it. Giving back to the community is good on several different levels. Have your company sign up for a community event, or volunteer (even if it’s just for an hour or two) at a local food bank. While there, have someone snap shots of  employee participation. By investing in your community, you will not only get that warm and fuzzy feeling that only comes from helping others, but you will have content on Instagram that shows customers how much you care. And people like people who care.


So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself an Instagram!









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