Instagram Focuses on New Safety Features and YouTube Tests Fundraising

Instagram is creating more features to keep you safe while surfing its feeds, and YouTube brings non-profits together. But the big story is the testimony on Capitol Hill. Here’s what’s trending in social media.


Sandberg and Dorsey Testify in Front of Congress.


lock on blue doorWith mid-terms elections upon us and the 2020 elections drawing nearer every day, social media heads for Facebook and Twitter stepped up to the mike and faced a barrage of questioning by D.C. politicians.  


Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified in a congressional hearing about election interference.  Sandberg told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, “We are focused on the upcoming US midterms and on elections around the world. Our efforts in recent elections show us that the investments we are making are yielding results.”


Dorsey said that Twitter is vigorously going after fake accounts,  In his testimony, he said, “We’re now removing over 200 percent more accounts for violating our policies. We’re identifying and challenging 8 to 10 million suspicious accounts every week, and we’re thwarting over a half million accounts from logging in to Twitter every single day.”

Instagram’s New Tools to Keep You Safe

Similar to the other platforms, Instagram is starting to take more action to keep its users safe according to the company’s most recent blog. The new features include allowing users to evaluate the authenticity of accounts with large followings, launching a “global verification form” for notable public figures, and an improved form of two-factor authentication.  You can read more about Instagram’s two-factor authentication here, but what is the most interesting new feature is the authenticity feature because it affects brands that are looking to build or already have a big following.


Instagram’s new “About This Account” section is forcing brands to share a lot more about their company. Here’s what the section will include:

  • Date joined
  • Country of where the account is located
  • Accounts with shared followers
  • Username changes within the past year
  • Ads the account is running

Instagram is particularly invested in this after hearing from its users, and when accounts are sharing current events, political, or social causes. The company plans to have the About This Account section available for those accounts with large followings this month and will make it globally available soon after (no exact date announced).


YouTube Works To Fundraise For Non-Profits

If you operate a Non-Profit, YouTube is using its popularity for good– helping to support non-profit organizations. The company is currently testing what it is calling “Fundraisers” allowing YouTube creators and registered non-profits to create and embed fundraising campaigns next to their videos and live streams. YouTube is also rolling out Community Fundraisers where multiple creators can co-host the same fundraising event.


Its latest addition is the “Super Chat for Good” where funds can be raised via YouTube live-streaming SuperChat payment system. Super Chat enables live-stream viewers to pay while viewing the live stream or pre-recorded content (from organized broadcasts). It is still in limited testing at the moment with YouTube covering all transaction fees in the initial period (meaning 100% of the donations go to the organization), but we don’t think that will last for long once it catches momentum. YouTube has huge a reach with 1.8 billion monthly active users, and the potential of Fundraisers can be great. If you’re a non-profit organization, now is the perfect time to look into YouTube as a viable source for fundraising.


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