Instagram Fights Bullying & Facebook Tests Video Polls

Instagram is taking on cyber-bullying. Meanwhile, Facebook wants to perfect its polls by adding a video component, and the platform is also unveiling an ad archive. These are some of the stories making news in social media this week.

Instagram Enlists AI to Fight Trolls and Bullies

Instagram is rolling out artificial intelligence to combat bullying.

This anti-bullying automated comment detection will target and filter out anything it deems to be hateful, hurtful, and cruel. It will also be used on live video, so anyone streaming live will have less to worry about when it comes to comment trolls trying to ruin someone’s live commentary.

Business owners should really be happy about this since any comments that are very negative or mean-spirited about their businesses can be considered bullying.

The platform will also use AI to scan photos for abusive content, and human moderators will be involved in deciding what is or isn’t considered harassing language.

Facebook Tests Video Polls

Facebook is testing video polls with a few selected advertisers. This new feature allows advertisers to include polls on their advertising videos that viewers can answer.

Video is the king of content and always gets a high amount of views compared to other forms of content, but polls make for even more potential interaction with viewers. While there is no word yet on when or if this will be rolled out for every advertiser to use, it could be a very valuable tool for businesses to use to learn more about their potential customers and target audiences.

Facebook Unveils Political Ad Transparency Feature

In the wake of the last controversy surrounding ads and fake accounts, Facebook has unveiled its Ad Archive that features ads related to politics or issues of national importance in a weekly report.

Each report gives an overview of ads data and is part of Facebook’s push to be more transparent with how political interests use the social media platform.

It isn’t clear yet how much or how little of an impact this will have on the upcoming election when it comes to people deciding on who or what to vote for but it is a clear sign Facebook is learning from past mistakes and trying to portray itself as more open.

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