In the News: Facebook Tests Out New Stickers, Twitter Enhances Threads and YouTube Makes Buying Products Easier

As more users spend more time online, the social media platforms are doing their best to make it easy for users to navigate with ease. Facebook is testing out new stickers, Twitter making it easier to see conversations and YouTube is helping to make shopping a breeze.

Facebook Creates New StickersIn the News: Facebook Tests Out New Stickers, Twitter Enhances Threads and YouTube Makes Buying Products Easier

One sticker that Facebook has been working on is the new “Hit Me Up” sticker. This sticker allows users to click on the sticker in Facebook Stories and instantly DM the business through the sticker.  With this new feature, businesses can better engage with their audience. It is also a way to enhance your Facebook Stories and drive more leads.

Twitter Makes Threads More Conversational

Twitter announced that some users on iOS and web will now be able to see its new threaded tweet replies layout. To help make the conversation easier to read, there will be lines linking replies to the original tweet. Twitter has also experimented with hiding its engagement tools behind a tap for replies button. They believe that by implementing this change, it will put more focus on the conversation itself. 

YouTube Eases Online Shopping

YouTube is working on a new “Products in this Video” tool. With this new tool, products mentioned in a YouTube video will link to options for how to purchase the items without having to leave YouTube. This is a great tool for businesses that use YouTube influencers to promote their products.


megaphone42% of the world’s population uses social media.

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