In The News: Algorithm Changes, Twitter Lists, and Instagram DMs on Desktop

Love it or hate it: social media keeps changing, evolving, and updating in efforts to know you (and sell to you) better. This week in the social media world, the algorithm is adding more music and ads into your feeds, Twitter is allowing you to tidy up your threads, and Instagram adds a feature we have long been waiting for on desktop: Direct Messages!


DM from your Desktop on Instagram


Facebook started out on desktop, and we all cheered when it became available in the form of an app. Instagram started as an app, and we all rolled our eyes when we saw it on desktop. Instagram users have been frustrated because the desktop version of the beloved photo and video sharing app is hardly interactive – until now.


Previous on, users could like or comment on posts and view stories. Now, Instagram users are excited to take advantage of the newest feature: DM on desktop for business accounts! This new feature will help businesses keep tabs on their messages without having to toggle between desktop and the app! Click here to learn how to use DM on the desktop.


Twitter Lists? What’s That?


Have you ever used a Twitter list? Better question – do you even know what a Twitter list is? If you hesitantly answered either of those questions, you are not alone; Twitter’s List feature is well hidden, but it won’t stay that way. Twitter lists are feeds you can create an customize to streamline what you see. For example, one Twitter list may contain “funny memes” while you have another that is “cat videos.” Twitter announced recently that the home page will now incorporate lists at the top of the page, allowing you to scroll between subjects and topics. Think of lists like Pinterest boards – you want to see them all, but when you categorize them, then the content feels better personalized. This feature is currently only being tested, but if executed well, all users can expect to see this interface in a future update.


The Algorithm Made Me Do It


Bust out the mixtape – no, not the shiny round disc kind. YouTube’s Offline Mixtape just released the ability to “smart download” up to 500 songs at a time that you can listen to offline, even with no data collection. YouTube pulls the songs (a.k.a., makes your mixed tape) only at night when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Songs for you are selected based on an algorithm of the songs you listen to – similar to how Instagram chooses photos to suggest to you in the explore tab.


Speaking of the Instagram explore tab, you can expect to start seeing ads in the explore tab. Instagram is taking advantage of the curated feature to also curate ads for you based off of your interests. The algorithm knows ALL.


Did you know when Instagram feeds were organized in reverse-chronological order, Instagram estimated that people missed up to 70 percent of their feed overall?

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